Founded in 2011

Asclar Indonesia are a group of technology visionaries specialising in business growth solutions. Our team consists of ambitious personnel who are passionate in breaking any business boundaries and help corporate clients set a strategic path to their business growth.

What we do

We offer integrated solution services for any form of business process management; from IT system development, digital advertising, to print based media designed and productions, all tailor made to your specific needs.

Our Vision

“To be your most reliable partner in business
growth solution”

Mission statement.

“We are fully committed in the development of highly creative,
interactive solutions at all times; bringing new perspective into
strategic problem solving.”

Our Core Values.

We believe that IT is the backbone of any types of businesses in modern era. In addition, IT system development must be integrated with effective visual design communication. These are the reasons why our core values are defined by our client needs.


Because we have to be agile in reacting to the changing needs
of our clients.


Because we deliver results with a solid base for a future improvements plan.


Improvement because we wanted to develop a culture of continuous improvement with our clients.


Commitment because we attract and retain the best clients and remain committed to their long-term growth.


Because we provide complete, accurate, and precise information regarding client’s inqui- ries.


Because we wanted to be a competent and reliable partner for our clients.