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Support & Maintenance

Save your time & effort

Content Updates

Keep the flow of information alive

The benefits of continually adding fresh, relevant content to a business's website are usually pretty clear. Doing so can help boost your site's rankings in search engines which, in turn, can help you find new customers. But for many small-business owners, finding the time to frequently update their websites can be a challenge.

Here's where our team came into play. We help you update fresh contents and keep your customer's updated.

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Scheduled Backup

Minimize the risk of losing your data

A website backup is a snapshot of all your website's important components. Website backups should consists of your code files, databases, documents and any other files required by your website.

Making backups of your website is an important part of regular site maintenance. By keeping regular backups, you ensure that you have a way to bring your website back without having to rebuild it from scratch.

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Version Updates

Go where the technology takes you

The technology is changing by the second. It doesn't mean that you need to update your website every seconds, but it does mean that you need to do it in a regular manners.

More often than not, version updates are about bug improvements and security fix rather than updating new features. Regularly updating your website can improve your overall business performance.